Manhattan Tribal™ Belly Dance

Manhattan Tribal™ is New York City’s first professional American Tribal Style® Belly Dance company.  

Founded in 2007 and directed by Mimi Fontana, Manhattan Tribal™ brings this unique West Coast–originated format of modern world dance to New York City and the tri-state area.

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (ATS®) relies on a movement
vocabulary infused with non-verbal “cues” that empower a group of dancers to improvise together while giving the appearance of a choreographed dance piece. The dancers weave their story spontaneously as they interact and communicate with each other and their audience making every performance fresh and exciting.   

Manhattan Tribal™ has wowed audiences in the US and Internationally and Director Mimi Fontana, with over a decade of experience in Middle Eastern Dance formats, has taught and performed throughout the United States and Europe.  

Mimi and Manhattan Tribal's mission is to spread awareness of the complexity and beauty of this exceptional belly dance style created by Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance® (FCBD®).  

In 2008 Mimi Fontana received the honor of becoming a FatChanceBellyDance® "Sister Studio", the first of it's kind in the NYC Tri-State area.

Kate Reid, Maria Naja Richardson, and Heather Bondra have also attained Sister Studio Status and  MT members, Debbie Lakis and Stephanie Rubino are all FCBD® General Teacher Certified.

We are your go-to for high quality ATS® Belly Dance instruction  in the NYC area so take a class with us!

For more information on FCBD®, the creators of ATS® Belly Dance, and Sister Studios worldwide,  please visit:

Current Manhattan Tribal™ Troupe Members are:
Mimi Fontana, Kate Reid, Heather Bondra, Rachel Ehrlich, Debbie Despina Cartsos, Maria Richardson, and Stephanie Rubino.

Current Manhattan Tribal™ Collective Members are: Inna Cherkasova, Cleopatra Altieri, and Hillary Likos.

Manhattan Tribal™ Alumni Members:  Leigh Ann Eliseo, Sarah Gallogly, Micol Raab, Jacinta Hollon.