Mimi Fontana is one of the driving forces behind the New York City Tribal Belly Dance community.

A former figure skater and bass guitarist (with several major label credits and a world of touring under her belt), Mimi has devoted herself to ethnic dance forms for the last decade. Specifically, American Tribal Style® Belly Dance, a modern world dance format developed on the West Coast more than 20 years ago and newly sprung upon the NYC dance scene.  

Creator and Director of Manhattan Tribal, Mimi is actively teaching locally and internationally, performing, and helping to foster a community for this eclectic modern dance format.

Mimi has been a member of Vadalna Tribal Bellydance (which she created with partner Naraya), Alchemy Dance Theater, PURE NYC, Serena Dance Theater (Principal Member), and in Cabaret Style Belly Dance, Maqamikaze Dance Theater (Principal Dancer and Choreography Coach).

Mimi is certified by FatChanceBellyDance®, the creators of ATS®, to teach American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and is honored to be a FCBD® Sister Studio.

Mimi is also certified by the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a group fitness instructor, and teaches a variety of workouts at local NYC gyms and community centers. In the fall of 2012 she completed her Mat Pilates Certification through the Kane School, NYC.

In Spring 2011 Mimi released her first instructional dvd "Tribal Revival - ATS Variations & Combinations" on the World Dance New York Productions. The Tribal Revival DVD is available in the US and Internationally from Amazon.com.

For more information on ATS®, it's creator Carolena Nericcio (founder of FCBD®), DVDs for home study, and Sister Studios worldwide please visit  www.FCBD.com