Dancing in Flow®

Dancing in the Divine Subconscious - The Flow® class is "empty brain time", time to dance and work moves into our muscle memory without thinking. In Flow class there will be no verbal instruction nor correction, no partners, no formations, no mirrors, and no judgments - just follow the instructor and bliss out. Everyone with Level One and up ATS® Belly Dance experience is invited to join us.

Flow is held at 440 Studios (room 4-G) on Saturdays, at 1:00pm, once a month, and are scheduled for the following dates:

  • September 12th - with Mimi Fontana
  • October 10th - Debbie Despina Cartsos
  • November 14th - with Maria Naja Richardson

If you choose to pay cash for your Flow class, please use the form below to register so we will know to expect you. Payment is due before the start of class.

If you choose to purchase Flow through our cart or via Paypal, you do not need to register here as well. 

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