All workshops are a minimum of 2.5 hours with the exception of Finger Cymbals which is minimum 1.5 hours.  Suggested workshop topics are below. Contact Mimi to work on a custom fit workshop program that suit your needs.

Intro to American Tribal Style Belly Dance

This workshop covers the basics of the FCBD format.

We'll start from the very beginning with a little bit about the history and development of ATS, and work our way through all of the level one moves, and formations for leading and following.  Introduction to chorus & partner dancing included as well as some simple combinations.  Level two moves will be incorporated as time and skill level of participants allows.

Intermediate ATS

Workshop for the Intermediate ATS dancer.  Focusing on the Level 1 & 2 ATS movement vocabulary, we'll drill and fine-tune what you already know and show you some cool new ways to use those moves in formations, combinations.  We'll also go over technique for Level 2 moves.  Dancers should be familiar with the Level One vocabulary and with formations for leading and following.   Chorus and partner work will be included.

Level Three ATS Intensive

Technique breakdown of the FCBD Level Three movement vocabulary.  

Everything from Barrel Turns to Calibrated Spins.  Best for dancers with a basic knowledge of the Level 3 moves as presented on FCBD dvd volume 7.  We'll include a couple fun Manhattan Tribal signature combos.  This workshop can also be taught as an Intro to Level 3 with no prior knowledge of the L3 moves.

ATS Improvisation and Performance Skills

Dancing in duets, trios and quartets we’ll drill Level 1 and 2 moves (level 3 moves are optional depending on skill level)  The focus of this workshop is not on movement technique so dancers should have a good grasp on the basics.  We’ll work on confidence in leading and following, maintaining good facial expression, entrances and exits, how to put together an improvisational performance on the fly, chorus transitions, choosing music etc.

Manhattan Tribal Combinations & Variations

Advanced combos from the Manhattan Tribal repertoire.  Many of these combos can be found on our upcoming dvd Tribal Revival and we’ll add even more variations to some of our signature formations.  Participants should be familiar with Level 2 and some Level 3 movement vocabulary.  Prior study with FCBD dvd’s 1, 3, 4 & 7 is recommended.  This workshop can be adjusted to varying levels of ATS dance experience.

Finger Cymbals

Zils from beginning to advanced.  We’ll cover the finger cymbal patterns used in American Tribal Style Belly Dance, Alternating RL, Standard, Military, Baladi & Moroccan Six.  Drills, musicality, timing and technique.

Balancing for ATS Dancers

Dancing with Swords and or Baskets.  Using both slow and fast moves with zils we’ll explore some fun combinations for dancing with stuff on your head ;-)   Floorwork is included so please bring kneepads.  Specialty workshops in Candle Tray are available upon request, while not ATS-specific I’m happy to offer this workshop to Fusion, Cabaret and other interested dancers.

Swords , Baskets and Trays can be ordered in advance, please inquire about prices, or bring your own.   Familiarity with ATS Basic Level 1 moves is recommended


Graceful descents and ascents, Mermaid Turn, Berber Walk and more.  Drills and exercises for strength, flexibility and core conditioning.  Suitable for Fusion, Cabaret and ATS Dancers.  Knee pads are highly recommended.

Tribal for the Fusion Dancer

This workshop is designed as cross training for the Tribal Fusion dancer who is looking to incorporate Classic Tribal movement into their repertoire.  Also great for fusion dancers experiencing difficulty transitioning into ATS.  We’ll pay special attention to posture, body angles, spins and turns and fun combinations that can be used in solo dancing.